Hello Friends! I am so glad you are here! This is the very beginning stages of JBU and I know you have questions. Please read below and hopefully you will find everything you need to know:

1. Each image represents a “sticky note” type of encouraging message. On the front, they have a positive message and on the back they say, “Give, Share, Exchange”  or something similar depending on the Collection.

2. Each Friendship Note keychain has 5 randomly selected messages. You cannot personally select your 5 messages just yet (maybe someday). :)

3. If you would like to make sure you get all 20 Friendship Note images, you can do so with the purchase of the Full Collection.

4. Orders are filled within 2 days. There is a small team of college age girls that help with packaging and shipping. The foundation of JBU is for girls to encourage girls and to help one another. Each order is handled very carefully and efficiently. Expect 5-7 days for delivery via USPS.

5. It should be unlikely that you have a problem with your order, but if you do, please contact us at justbetweenus.jbu@yahoo.com and we will help correct the issue.

6. If we run out of stock, we will be working to refill and restock as quickly as possible. This is new to us so please be patient as we work out inventory needs. We plan to have new items each season. Stay tuned!